Saturday, March 14, 2009

Order of the Morning Star changes name after Joy Johnson and Joseph Craig Sex Crime Scandal

The Order of the Morning Star raised Cult Watch red flags already since 1998. For example, on Jul 20 1998, "True Adept" blew the whistle on Usenet newsgroup alt.magick (archived by Google at magick/msg/f90360bc4cb47395):
I'm So sick and tired of hearing what robert zink and his cult the Morning Star are up to. If you want to know the truth about Zink and all the crap he has pulled over the years. Just go to your local hall of records and type "Robert Zink" into the free computer. You will get a big list of micro film numbers. Then look up the numbers and you will know the whole truth. not this internet trash...
If you want to go and make his day just contact any one of the goverment or police agencys looking for him and give them his new address. and be done with it.
Love + Truth + Knowledge
Then, in 2002, news broke that Order of the Morning Star leader, Robert Zink, had molested high school Sophmore, Rafaela Pulera, daughter of Morning Star member, Rita Pulera. In the wake of this scandal 75% of OMS members resigned in indignation.
Robert Zink denied that the assault ever happenned last week and OMS members began posting testimonials to defend their leader, citing that "cultural differences" completely justify that what Mr. Zink did.
The sexual assault was never reported to the police, according to the victim's Mother, Rita Pulera, becuase she was certain the the OMS cult would punish her if the reported the attack. When the cult accused her of lying when Mrs. Pulera went public about the assault, Rita Pulera, provided a copy of the birth certificate from the unwanted pregnancy of her child following the attack.
Since the Mother feared reprisals from the OMS cult, the crime was never reported. Nonetheless, proof still abounds that the rape was committed. Rita Pulera's testimony (the Mother of the victim) has been corroborated by the birth certificate of the child Robert Zink sired during the assault (State of California, Certificate No. 104-19436025010, dated December 8, 2004).
Order of the Morning Star Co-Chiefs
Joy Johnson and Joseph Craig
The sexual assault on young Rafaela Pulera by OMS leader Robert Zink was not to be the last time that the cult would be rocked by a sex scandal. On 7/21/08 Eyewitness News broke the story that OMS Co-Chiefs, Joy Johnson and her husband Joseph Craig were arrested for allegedly kidnapping, abusing, and sexual assaulting not less than two victims in their apartment in Durham, North Carolina.
See ABC News Video Of The Latest OMS Sex Crimes Scandal at:
(abclocal. go. com/wtvg/story?section=news/local&id=6237216)
According to the District Attorney, this is an alleged case of satanic cult abuse. Prosecutors claim that the OMS Co-Chiefs tied the victims to bed posts, locked them in dog cages starved them, raped at least one victim and kidnapped and tortured another.
According to Mark McCullough, Durham NC District Attorney the couple contacted their victims over the Internet in connection with the Order of the Morning Star. ABC Eyewitness news located an alleged former member of the OMS, a Satanist, who alleges he left the Morning Star because it felt like a cult and they were trying to brainwash hiim. The witness claims that the Order of the Morning Star has about eighty members around the world that they recruit through an array of occult and New Age websites and workshops.
Cult Watch investigative reporters have discovered that following the arrest of Morning Star leaders, Joy Johnson and Joseph Craig, the cult changed its name to the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn and currently recruits via the following Occult and New Age websites:
EOGD (esotericgoldendawn. com)
Ruach Healing (ruachhealing. com)
The Guarantee (theguarantee. info)
The Power or Angels (thepowerofangels. com)
Neuro Linguistic Alchemy (personal-magic. com)
Increase Your Psychic Power (increaseyourpsychicpower. com)
CultWatch stands ready to assist anyone who might have become entangled in the Order of the Morning Star. Feel free to contact us at www. cultwatch. org.